About us




Our committee consists of several volunteers who are all in some way connected to Dyslexia. Most of us work during the day.


Interim Chair:

Kate Langlois, A Jersey born mother of two teenage boys, one of whom is Dyslexic, Kate has worked for many years within the financial services industry in Investment Banking, mainly in London, gaining a wealth of Business and Project Programme Management Skills along the way.

Having returned to Jersey about 5 years ago with her family for an easier pace of life, she is Head of Project Portfolio Management in a Global Law firm specialising in Intellectual Property.

She has a particular interest in assistive technology and through experience of her own sons early struggles with Dyslexia, is passionate about making screening, diagnosis and support more accessible to all.  Kate has recently stepped in as Interim Chair and in this capacity is keen to receive feedback from members on how Dyslexia Jersey can be most effective in providing support to those struggling with Dyslexia.



Treasurer :

Linda Power, BA Degree in Financial Services is a Degree Programme Coordinator and Senior Lecturer at Jersey International Business School. Linda is an experienced sales manager who has worked within the financial services Treasury environment for 15 years.

She has also been working within the educational sector teaching ICSA investment and has completed the preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector (PTLLS) qualification and has completed 10 professional exams with the current qualification, Investment Advise Diploma (IAD) Level 4 in 2013.

Her previous responsibilities have included building and selling structured products across all asset classes at the Royal Bank of Scotland International. Linda also provided CPD events for internal and external clients within the banking sector on structuring products, hedging and foreign exchange.



Committee members:


Cath Brown. Retired Special Needs teacher and School librarian, now teaches children privately from home.


Annie Lezala. Specialist teacher in Learning Needs at Le Rocquier School and assesses students with Specific Learning Difficulties at Victoria College, Hautlieu and Les Quennevais School.

She is also the assessor for the Jersey Disabled Students Allowance. Annie holds the Hornsby Diploma.


Muffy Sinclair. Taught at St Michael's School for many years and has attended many courses in dyslexia. Muffy is now a private tutor for pupils aged seven to eleven.

Learning aids

Learning should be fun, so to help children want to learn, the games they play should stimulate their imaginations...